Current Courses



Previous Courses

Universität Bielefeld

Kent State University:

  • Math 22005: Analytic Geo. and Calc. III   (Sp18)
  • Math 12003: Analytic Geo. and Calc. II   (Fa17)

Colorado State University:

  • Math 340: Intro. Ordinary Diff. Eqn.   (Fa16, Sp17)
  • Math 261: Physical Calculus III   (Sp14, Fa14, Sp15, Fa15, Sp15)
  • Math 161: Physical Calculus II   (Fa13)
  • Math 160: Physical Calculus I   (Fa12, Sp13)
  • Math 155: Calculus for Bio. Sciences   (Fa11, Sp12, Sm12)

During the summer of 2015, Professor Dan Bates and I were funded by The Institute for Learning and Teaching at CSU to develop canonical course notes for Math 261. You can find the notes here. These notes are intended to aid Math 261 instructors with their lesson plans by detailing topics to cover and providing tips based on previous experience.