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Terms of reference: This committee is responsible for keeping the EMS abreast with the development of electronic tools of doing mathematics such as electronic publishing, archiving and communication. It reviews the progress in these areas and makes suggestions helping to build the appropriate electronic infrastructures.
The Committee:
Members:Term of office:Term:Email:
Christian Bär, Universität Potsdam 2009-2012 I
Thierry Bouche, Université de Grenoble I 2009-2012 II
Brian Davies, Vice Chair, King's Kollege, London 2009-2012 II
Keith Dennis, Cornell University, Ithaca 2009-2012 II
Rui Loja Fernandes, EC responsible member, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa 2009-2012 I
Sabir Gusein-Zade, Moscow State University2009-2012 I
Enrique Macías Virgos, University of Santiago de Compostela 2009-2012 II
Jiří Rákosník, Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague2009-2012 I
Ulf Rehmann, Chair, Universität Bielefeld 2009-2012 II
José Francisco Rodrigues, Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2009-2012 II
Michael Wright, Archive for Mathematical Sciences & Philosophy, UK2009-2012 I



European Digital Mathematics Library (EuDML)
Encyclopedia of Mathematics (EoM)
ECM Proceedings (retro-digitized)
The Future World Heritage Digital Mathematics Library: Plans and Prospects,
Workshop at Washington DC, June 1-3, 2012
Round Table "EuDML: Accessing Europe's mathematical treasures"
at the 6th ECM, Krakow 2012
Poster of the EPC presentation at the 6th ECM
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