Excerpt of a letter from ABI
American Biographical Institute, Inc. (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) (September 9, 2005):

Dear Mr. Ringel:

I am delighted to announce your nomination by the Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute for the prestigious title MAN OF THE YEAR - 2005. The Institute's International Board of Research decided on your nomination due to your overall accomplishments and contributuions to society.




In order to get the Man of rhe Year Decree one has to pay US $ 195.00. (This is the "unlaminated" version - One can get also the "Decree Custom Laminated onto Finland Birch Wood" for US $ 295.00.) And one may supply 10 further nominations of colleagues (if all pay, this amounts to US $ 2145.00).

I asked for a list of all those having been selected in this way. Here is the answer: After checking our files I found that over 200 men have been selected worldwide this year to receive our Man of the Year award. Please remember that these men have been chosen because they are outstanding in their professional fields and/or have contributed to communities and society as a whole. The attached copy shows a sampling of names and countries of about 60 men who have been chosen as Man of the Year 2005.

Top 100 Educators 2009

in a letter dated July 24, 2009, the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, informed me: Ratification of your nomination Mr Ringel by the Awards Board is now complete and it is therefore my great honour to name you as a member of the IBC TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2009. ...

As a listee ... you are eligible for the commemorative items available ... (certificate: US$ 440, Medal US$ 395 + shipping and handling)

October 23, 2009: International Plato Award for Educational Achievements - Iconic Achievers. US $ 635.00 + postage and packaging ...

Letter from ABI (March 27, 2011):

You, Prof. Dr. Ringel, have been selected by the American Biographical Institute to be a recipient of its Albert Einstein Award of Excellence for 2011. You have demonstrated effectiveness and distinction in your field and are deserving this honour.