The ufstrong package

by M. Barot and J. A. de la Peņa

The ufstrong package contains functions dealing mainly with unit forms, some of them may also be used in a more general context.

The package is loaded with the read command:

> read(`ufstrong.src`):

The functions available are:

ufs_corank ufs_decompose ufs_diagonalize
ufs_dynkintype ufs_ispositive ufs_isnonnegative
ufs_lagrange ufs_radicalbase ufs_rootlength
ufs_rootsystem ufs_type

For more information on a particular function see <function>.


[1] M. Barot and J. A. de la Peņa: The Dynkin type of a non-negative unit form. Expo. Math. 17 (1999), 339-348.

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