Ray categories

Following the lecture series by D. Vossieck, we plan to study in more detail the essential results on ray categories in the second week of September (7.9. – 11.9.).


One of the main references will be the article by U. Fischbacher


D. Vossieck has outlined a plan for the reading course, anyone is invited to take part and to give one of these lectures. The plan can be downloaded here.

In addition, he will provide information concerning parallel developments, in particular also on deviating use of terminology.

Note that we have shifted the final lectures of his survey on the use and the importance of ray categories, which he wanted to give at the end of the summer term. They will be presented as an addition to this reading course.

Further References


We will start with the reading course which will take place during the first three days of the week. All talks will be held in V3-204.

Finally, on Friday, 11 September, D. Vossieck will give the fourth part of his lecture series on ray categories (which he started in the summer term).
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