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SS 2003: Reading Courses

Wintersemester 2002/3

Auf Vorschlag von Andrew Hubery werden wir in diesem Semester die Arbeit

Generic extensions and multiplicative bases of quantum groups at q=0.   Represent. Theory 5 (2001), 147-163

von Markus Reineke lesen. Die Arbeit ist elektronisch unter publiziert.

Hier ist die von Andrew ausgearbeitete detaillierte Beschreibung der Vorträge.





Datum des Vortrags

Introduction Andrew Hubery 15.11.2002
Representations of Dynkin quivers Shunhua Zhang 29.11.2002
Geometry of representations  Dorothea Jolk 06.12.2002
Generic extensions Daiva Pucinskaite 13.12.2002
Degenerations Angela Holtmann 20.12.2002
Associativity of  * Andre Beineke 10.01.2003
Generators and relations Humberto Alvarez 17.01.2003
Ringel-Hall algebras Karsten Schmidt 07.02.2003
Isomorphism Andrew Hubery 14.02.2003


Sommersemester 2002

"Galois Coverings"


Name Datum Literatur

1. Andre Reck 03.05.2002 [ARS] 1.1, 1.2
2. Andre Beineke 10.05.2002 [ARS] 1.3 - 1.11
3. Daiva Pucinskaite 17.05.2002 [ARS] 3.3 - 4.4
4. Angela Holtmann 24.05.2002 [ARS] 5.1, 5.3
5. Karsten Schmidt 14.06.2002 [ARS] 6.1
6. Dorothea Jolk 28.06.2002 [ARS] 6.2
7. Marcos Soriano 05.07.2002 [ARS] 6.3 - 6.5

Compact Seminar on Recent Trends in Representation Theory

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce its participants to some recent developments within general representation theory. Rather than covering the material in standard seminar talks, we are thinking of a format that gets the participants more actively involved. Accordingly, the seminar will be organized as follows:


Sommersemester 2001, Wintersemester 2001/2002

Affine Lie algebras and quantum groups

Mitte April - Mitte Mai
  1. Cartan datum, Lie algebras, Hall algebras
    Comparison of various definitions of Hall algebras.
    Responsible: Guhe, Brüstle, Hille.
  2. Hall functors, reflections, quivers of finite type
    FMV, sections 3,4.
    Responsible: Holtmann, Li.
  3. Quivers of affine type
    FMV, section 5
    Responsible: Jensen, Ringel.
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Hecke algebras

Ab Mitte Mai

Fakultät für Mathematik, Universität Bielefeld
Verantwortlich: C.M.Ringel