Universität Bielefeld - Fakultät für Mathematik - SFB 343

Workshop on Computer Algebra and Representation Theory

September 25 - September 27, 2000

The workshop is partially supported by the European TMR program.

A main aim of this workshop will be to bring together areas which are related to representation theory of algebras in order to see how computer algebra is used and to obtain stimulations for the further work and possible cooperations.

Monday, September 25
09:00-09:05 H 3 Opening
09:15-10:15 H 3 G. Michler (Essen):
Uniform existence proofs for the sporadic simple groups not contained in the monster
10:20-10:50 H 3 M. Kratzer (Essen):
Uniform and natural existence proofs for Janko's sporadic groups J2 and J3
11:15-12:15 H 3 A. Lascoux (Marne-la-Vallee):
Double crystal graphs
Lunch break
14:00-15:00 H 3 M. Barot (UNAM, Mexico):
Classifying equivalence classes of integral quadratic forms
15:15-15:45 H 3 A. Krause (Bielefeld):
Algebraic computations in derived categories
16:15-16:45 H 3 R. Lychman (Kiev):
Quadratic forms and coverings: a computer implementation
17:00-18:00 H 3 B. Buchberger (Linz):
The Theorema project: logic and algebra
Tuesday, September 26
09:00-10:00 H 3 R. Nörenberg (Essen):
Hall polynomials for E8
10:15-10:45 H 3 D. Guhe (Bielefeld):
Hall polynomials for Dynkin algebras
11:15-12:15 H 3 F. Lübeck (Aachen):
Representation theory of groups of Lie type using computer algebra
Lunch break
14:00-15:00 H 3 G.M. Greuel (Kaiserslautern):
15:10-16:00 H 3 V. Levandovskyy (Kaiserslautern):
Singular::Plural - an experimental computer algebra system for noncommutative polynomial algebras
16:30-17:20 H 3 T. Schulz (Aachen):
Construction, analysis and recognition of low dimensional crystallographic groups
17:30-18:20 H 3 B. Buchberger (Linz):
The vertical layers in mathematics
Conference dinner
Wednesday, September 27
09:00-10:00 H 3 J. Gerhard (Paderborn):
Some aspects of fast linear algebra
10:15-10:45 H 3 M. Weller (Essen):
Construction of character tables ot two large local subgroups of Janko's 4th simple group
11:15-12:15 H 3 A. Kerber (Bayreuth):
Applications of finite group actions

Registration can be done informally by sending an email message to one of the organizers. 
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