Wood Puzzles

Wedge Key, Impossible Puzzles

I make and sell wooden bandsawn puzzles (when I'm not at work writing software). My favorite is my "Wedge Key" puzzle that looks like a trivial 4 piece puzzle, yet will not come apart until you figure out just the right twist. I also make an "Impossible" puzzle that will never come apart. Another is my "27 piece cube" that interlocks in all three axes at once.

Send me your US Mailing address, and I'll send you a brochure/price list.

  Keith Winegar
  4539 Oakleaf Drive
  Vadnais Heights, MN 55127, USA

Quartet, Impossible Puzzles

Quartet A similar impossible interlocking puzzle is 'Quartet'.

A version not in wood was made by Binary Arts. It was sold together with the 4 T puzzle.


The Grand Prize Winner of the 1986 HIKIMI Competition. Fit four almost rectangular boxes into a frame.
  Bill Cutler Puzzles, Inc.
  405 Balsam Lane, Palatine, IL 60067, USA 


Torsten Sillke