Game of the Nineties

The Rules To Strip Twister

The game is best played with an equal number of men and women. Usually they are couples and they form man/woman teams. The matches are done one-on-one in the tradition of the Greek games. Coed competition is frowned upon as it is too distracting to the participants. Instead each sex competes in standard elimination rounds until both a male and female athlete defeat their competition. This allows all members of the opposite sex to observe the other gender's competitions, allowing for an impartial eye to spot cheating. If the winning athletes are from two different team/couples then a finale coed round may be played to determine ultimate team victory. If the man and woman of the same team are both winners they may determine a winner by their own rules.

  1. Purchase a copy of the fine Milton Bradley game "Twister, The Game That Ties You Up In Knots."
  2. The strip version of the game is played with the standard rules with a few changes.
  3. When players begin they must all be wearing the same number of items of clothing. Five or six is good, but if your group is modest you should use more.
  4. Anytime the spinner lands on a red section both participants must remove one article of clothing.
  5. Removal of the clothing takes place after the normal move, thus allowing those cowards who feel things have gone too far to simply fall down.
  6. To aid in the removal of clothing one and only one hand or foot may be lifted from the mat at one time. The hand or foot must be placed back on the spot it was on as soon as possible and in any case before another hand or foot is removed from the mat.
  7. Anyone caught wearing extra clothing must immediately remove any extra clothing. Anyone wearing too little clothing will not be penalized.
  8. Anyone cheating (such as wearing extra clothing) will be penalized by having to remove an extra article of clothing.
  9. The winner is determined by the same rules as the normal game regardless of how much or little clothing they are wearing.

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