Ice Breaker Mixer for Summer Kallah
August 12, 1998


  1. To learn people's names
  2. To become more familiar with new faces
  3. To have fun!

Time Table:
0:00-0:10     Split into groups. (Group leaders- try to pick people from all over the room.) Each group will need their own space in the room.
0:10-0:15     Explain the game.
0:15-0:40     Play the game.
0:45-0:55     Hand out candy and talk within the group.

1. Once split into groups of about 10-15, everyone introduces themselves. Then the group leader designates someone to start. This person stands in the middle of the group. The game is like Twister, except you are not using a Twister mat, or a spinning board.
2. Instead of the board that commands what to, the group leader will read commands. For example, if Bo is standing in the middle, the group leader could say, "put your right toe next to Bo's foot," or "put your left hand near Al's right hand." The leader could also say things like, "anyone wearing jeans, put your right shoulder on the ground between your left foot and Al's right foot."
3. The idea is that after the leader gives a command, everyone asks, "who's Al?" and then a person in the middle of the jumble would say, "I'm Al." And you'd learn the names.

***Be careful not to give commands that may be inappropriate or may cause anyone to feel uncomfortable.***

Optional Commands You Can Use:

(Any of these commands may use right or left part of body. Remember- Be Creative!!)

*(R/L) hand near ______'s (R/L) foot
*(R/L) foot near ________'s (R/L) foot
*(R/L) shoulder on the ground next to ______'s (R/L) foot
*(R/L) knee next to _________'s hand
*(R/L) hand behind _______'s (R/L) foot
*(R/L) elbow on the ground between you and _______
*(R/L) thumb next to _________'s (R/L) big toe
*head next to _________'s (R/L) hand