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Random Dynamical Systems
and Stochastic Processes in the Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics
University of Bielefeld

Research Group

Barbara Gentz

Daniel Altemeier
Diana Kämpfe
Christian Wiesel

Former Group Members

Kilian Raschel
Felipe Torres
Julian Tugaut


Dynamical systems are often modelled by differential or partial differential equations. In many situations, random fluctuations either present in Nature or representing the unresolved degrees of freedom, cannot be neglected as they may drastically change the system's behaviour. For instance, in multistable systems arbitrarily small random fluctuations can enable transitions between stable states which would not be possible in the absence of noise. Whether such transitions are observed will depend on the timescale of interest. The related concepts of phase transition, metastability and metastable timescales have been developed in the context of statistical-mechanics type models.

Mixed-mode oscillations in a noisy system

A different approach to random dynamical systems relies on concepts of stability and random attractors which are inspired by the analogous concepts for classical dynamical systems. The corresponding theory of bifurcations in random dynamical systems is still under development.


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