RTN Network HPRN-CT-2002-00287:

Algebraic K-Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures

Network Coordinator: Ulf Rehmann, Bielefeld

This network cooperates with INTAS-99-0081.
It is a continuation of the TMR network ERB FMRX CT-97-0107.

This page will be updated permanently according to the state of the project.
The network had started on Oct. 1, 2002 and did run till Sept. 30, 2006.

Vacancy at Ghent for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in algebra.
Cordis Database

Preprint Servers: Linear Algebraic Groups and Related Structures, K-theory Preprint Archives

If you have support for the DjVu format on your machine, download the DjVu files, they are substantially smaller and are rendered faster. (The free DjVu software can be downloaded from DjVuLibre.)

Membership Agreement Form (MAF) : PDF 0.032 MB PDF.gz 0.029 MB DjVu 0.021 MB
Correction to Membership agreement PDF
Contract with complete signature page (p. 7): PDF 3.0 MB PDF.gz 0.7 MB DjVu 0.3 MB
Annex I (Work Programme) : PDF 4.9 MB PDF.gz 1.4 MB DjVu 0.5 MB
Annex II (General Conditions) : PDF 13.1 MB PDF.gz 3.6 MB DjVu 1.5 MB
Forms (CS=Cost Statements etc.) : PDF 0.92 MB PDF.gz 0.2 MB DjVu 0.06 MB
Whole Contract (= Contract+Annex I+Annex II, no MAF, no CS): PDF 32.0 MB PDF.gz 27.5 MB DjVu 2.5 MB
1. Annual Report 1.10.2002-30.9.2003 PDF 0.1 MB
2. Annual Report 1.10.2003-30.9.2004 PDF 0.1 MB
3. Annual Report 1.10.2004-30.9.2005 PDF 0.1 MB
4. Final Report 1.10.2005-30.9.2006 PDF 0.1 MB
1. Amendment (Integration of Nottingham) PDF djvu
Revised Annex I (Work Programme, after 1. Amendment PDF djvu

Midterm Review 8.2.2005-9.2.2005
Report (pdf, 0.2 MB)
Proposed Agenda
Documents for adding new node
Questionnaire [Word,114 KB]
Workshop 9.2.2005-11.2.2005
Schedule and scans of the talks
[Travel Reimbursement Form]
Participants Accommodation, Location of Meeting/Workshop

RTN Reporting Guideline [ pdf]
RTN Cost Guideline [ pdf ]
RTN Cost Statement [ xls ]

RTN Guidelines Allowable Costs [ Text | doc(ms word)]
Approval for Travel and Subsistence for International Conferences, Workshops etc. [ Text | doc(ms word)]
U Bielefeld Admin (djvu)
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