Roberto Aravire and Ricardo Baeza: Annihilators of quadratic and bilinear Pfister forms over fields of characteristic two,

Submission: 2005, Jan 18

Let F be a field of characteristic two. We compute annihilators of bilinear and quadratic Pfisterforms in the graded Witt ring and Witt module of F, thereby confirming in the case of fields with characteristic two certain conjectures estated by Krueskemper.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: primary 11E04, secondary 11E81

Keywords and Phrases: quadratic forms, bilinear forms, Pfisterforms, Witt rings, differential forms

Full text: dvi.gz 25 k, dvi 67 k, ps.gz 801 k, pdf.gz 146 k, pdf 172 k.

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