Jean-François Renard, Jean-Pierre Tignol, Adrian Wadsworth: Graded Hermitian forms and Springer's theorem,,

Submission: 2006, Apr 21

An analogue of Springer's theorem on the Witt group of quadratic forms over a complete discretely valued field is proved for Hermitian forms over division algebras over a Henselian field, including some cases where the residue characteristic is 2. Residue forms are defined by means of vector space valuations as Hermitian forms on the graded modules associated with the induced filtrations.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E39, 16W50, 16W60

Keywords and Phrases: Hermitian forms, Henselian valuations, graded rings

Full text: dvi.gz 82 k, dvi 214 k, ps.gz 827 k, pdf.gz 289 k, pdf 332 k.

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