James O'Shea and Jan Van Geel: Levels and sublevels of composition algebras over p-adic function fields

jvg@cage.ugent.be, james.oshea@ucd.ie

Submission: 2007, Nov 7

The first author studied the level and sublevel of composition algebras in his thesis, wherein these quantities are determined for those algebras defined over local fields. In this paper, the level and sublevel of composition algebras, of dimension 4 and 8 over rational function fields over local non-dyadic fields, are determined completely in terms of the local ramification data of the algebras. The proofs are based on the ``classification'' of quadratic forms over such fields, (by Parimala and Suresh, IHES, No. 88, 129--150 (1998)).

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification:

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