Paul Balmer, Baptiste Calmes: Witt groups of Grassmann varieties

Submission: 2008, Jul 22

We compute the total Witt groups of (split) Grassmann varieties, over any regular base X. The answer is a free module over the total Witt ring of X. We provide an explicit basis for this free module, which is indexed by a special class of Young diagrams, that we call even Young diagrams.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 19G99, 11E81, 18E30

Keywords and Phrases: Triangulated Witt groups, Grassmannian, Young diagrams

Full text: dvi.gz 94 k, dvi 258 k, ps.gz 927 k, pdf.gz 334 k, pdf 411 k.
This article contains essential informations in the graphics. They are missing in the dvi version.

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