A. Meyer and Z. Reichstein: The essential dimension of the normalizer of a maximal torus in the projective linear group.

aurel@math.ubc.ca reichst@math.ubc.ca

Submission: 2008, Sep 9, revised: 2008, Nov 15

Let p be a prime, k be a field of characteristic different from p and N be the normalizer of the maximal torus in the projective linear group PGLn. We compute the exact value of the essential dimension ed(N; p) of N at p for every n greater than 1.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E72, 20D15, 16K20

Keywords and Phrases: Essential dimension, central simple algebra, character lattice, finite p-group, Galois cohomology

Full text: dvi.gz 35 k, dvi 77 k, ps.gz 707 k, pdf.gz 179 k, pdf 202 k.

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