M. G. Mahmoudi: Hyperbolicity criteria for certain involutions


Submission: 2009, Jan 1

Using the ideas and techniques developed by Bayer-Fluckiger, Shapiro and Tignol about hyperbolic involutions of central simple algebras, criteria for the hyperbolicity of involutions of the form (sigma tensor tau) and (sigma tensor rho), where sigma is an involution of a central simple algebra A, tau is the nontrivial automorphism of a quadratic extension of the center of A and rho is an involution of a quaternion algebra are obtained.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16W10, 11E39

Keywords and Phrases: Hyperbolic involution, central simple algebra, hermitian form

Full text: dvi.gz 21 k, dvi 47 k, ps.gz 552 k, pdf.gz 118 k, pdf 133 k.

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