R. Parimala, J.-P. Tignol, R.M. Weiss: The Kneser-Tits conjecture for groups with Tits-index E_{8,2}^{66} over an arbitrary field.

parimala@mathcs.emory.edu, Jean-Pierre.Tignol@uclouvain.be, rweiss@tufts.edu

Submission: 2010, Aug 11

We prove: (1) The group of multipliers of similitudes of a 12-dimensional anisotropic quadratic form over a field K with trivial discriminant and split Clifford invariant is generated by norms from quadratic extensions E/K such that q_E is hyperbolic. (2) If G is the group of K-rational points of an absolutely simple algebraic group whose Tits index is E_{8,2}^{66}, then G is generated by its root groups, as predicted by the Kneser-Tits conjecture.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E04, 20G15, 20G41, 51E12

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