Karim Johannes Becher, Thomas Unger: Weakly Hyperbolic Involutions

becher@maths.ucd.ie, thomas.unger@ucd.ie

Submission: 2012, Jul 19

An exposition is given of the theory of central simple algebras with involution over (formally) real fields. This includes a new proof of Pfister's Local-Global Principle in this setting and the study of related problems.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E04, 11E10, 11E81, 12D15, 16K20, 16W10.

Keywords and Phrases: algebra with involution, quaternion algebra, quadratic form, hy- perbolicity, real field, signature, torsion in Witt group, local-global

Full text: dvi.gz 49 k, dvi 116 k, ps.gz 842 k, pdf.gz 225 k, pdf 250 k.

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