Alexander Merkurjev: Unramified degree three invariants of reductive groups

Submission: 2014, Nov 24

We prove that if $G$ is a reductive group over an algebraically closed field , then for a prime integer $p$ different from the characteristic of the field, the group of degree 3 unramified Galois cohomology of the function field of the classifying space of $G$ with coefficients in $Q_p/Z_p$ is trivial if $p$ is odd or the commutator subgroup of $G$ is simple.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 12G05, 20G10

Keywords and Phrases: Reductive algebraic group; classifying space: unramified cohomology

Full text: dvi.gz 49 k, dvi 118 k, ps.gz 1029 k, pdf.gz 217 k, pdf 246 k.

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