Pawel Gladki, Krzysztof Worytkiewicz: Witt rings of quadratically presentable fields,

Submission: 2017, May 12

This paper introduces a novel approach to the axiomatic theory of quadratic forms. We work internally in a category of certain partially ordered sets, subject to additional conditions which amount to a strong form of local presentability. We call such partial orders presentable. It turns out that the classical notion of the Witt ring of symmetric bilinear forms over a field makes sense in the context of quadratically presentable fields, that is fields equipped with a presentable partial order inequationaly compatible with the algebraic operations. As an application, we show that Witt rings of symmetric bilinear forms over fields, of both characteristic 2 and not 2, are isomorphic to Witt rings of suitably built quadratically presentable fields, which therefore provide a uniform construction of Witt rings for all characteristics.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E81, 12J20 (primary), 11E04, 11E12 (secondary)

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