Zinovy Reichstein and Angelo Vistoli: Essential dimension of finite groups in prime characteristic

reichst@math.ubc.ca, angelo.vistoli@sns.it

Submission: 2018, Jan 11

Let F be a field of positive characteristic p and G be a smooth finite algebraic group over F. Denote by ed(G; p) the essential dimension of G at p. We show that ed(G; p) = 1 if p divides the order of G and 0 otherwise.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20G15, 14G17

Keywords and Phrases: Essential dimension, torsor, Nottingham group, Harbater curve, reduction of structure, Serre's Conjecture I

Full text: dvi.gz 15 k, dvi 28 k, ps.gz 2337 k, pdf.gz 114 k, pdf 135 k.

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