Sanghoon Baek: Degree three invariants for semisimple groups of types B, C, and D

Submission: 2018, Apr 6

We determine the group of reductive cohomological degree 3 invariants of all split semisimple groups of types B, C, and D. We also present a complete description of the cohomological invariants. As an application, we show that the group of degree 3 unramified cohomology of the classifying space BG is trivial for all split semisimple groups G of types B, C, and D.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 12G05, 20G10, 14M17, 20G15, 14L30, 11E72, 16H05

Keywords and Phrases: cohomological invariants; Galois cohomology; torsor; reductive algebraic group; classifying space; unramified cohomology; semisimple groups

Full text: dvi.gz 85 k, dvi 309 k, ps.gz 1151 k, pdf.gz 352 k, pdf 446 k.

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