AG Information und Komplexität

R. Ahlswede and A. Winter organize the

2nd Bielefeld Workshop on
Quantum Information and Complexity

October 12 - 14, 2000

There is a list of invited speakers, which will be supplemented by further contributions (see the links below).

Invited speakers are:
      R. Freivalds (Riga).
      P. Gacs (Boston University, presently Amsterdam).
      P. Harremoes (Soeberg/DK).
      A. S. Holevo (Steklov Institute, Moscow).
      M. Horodecki (Gdansk).
      P. Horodecki (Gdansk).
      R. Jozsa (Bristol).
      A. Uhlmann (Leipzig).
Further talks are by:
      G. van Assche (Bruxelles).
      H. Barnum (Bristol).
      S.-M. Fei (Bonn).
      M. Grasselli (London).
      M. Hayashi (Tokyo).
      [L. B. Levitin (Boston).]
      M. A. Man'ko (Moscow).
      K. Matsumoto (Tokyo).
      M. Curty (Vigo).
      D. Schlingemann (Braunschweig).
      F. Schmidt-Kaler (Innsbruck).
      [G. Segre (Pavia).]
      [A. S. Shumovsky (Ankara).]
      K. G. Vollbrecht (Braunschweig).
      A. Winter (Bielefeld).
      M. Wolf (Braunschweig).

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For further information please contact:

     Andreas Winter
     SFB 343, Fakultät für Mathematik
     Universität Bielefeld
     Postfach 100131
     33501 Bielefeld

     fon: +49-521-106-2978
     fax: +49-521-106-4743
     Email: winter@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de

Please note also the
icon Workshop on Search, Sorting and Coding on October 9 - 11, 2000.

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