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All papers listed below can be downloaded as gzipped postscript files.

Theoretical Biology

Hermisson J, Redner O, Wagner H and Baake E 2002 Mutation-selection balance: ancestry, load, and maximum principle
Theor. Pop. Biol. 62 9-46, cond-mat/0202432 (size: 271 KB)

Redner O 2004 Discrete Approximation of non-compact operators describing continuum-of-alleles models
Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc. 47 449-472, math.SP/0301024 (size: 238 KB)

Redner O and Baake M 2004 Unequal crossover dynamics in discrete and continuous time
J. Math. Biol. 49 201-226, math.DS/0402351 (size: 134KB)

Redner O 2003 Models for Mutation, Selection, and Recombination in Infinite Populations
PhD thesis, University of Greifswald (size: 476KB), PDF version (size: 1 MB), Shaker Verlag (Aachen)

Cluster Algorithms

Redner O, Machta J and Chayes L 1998 Graphical representations and cluster algorithms for critical points with fields and figures 1 and 2
Phys. Rev. E 58 2749-2752, cond-mat/9802063 (sizes: 38 KB, 4 KB, 4 KB)

Chayes L, Machta J and Redner O 1998 Graphical representations for Ising systems in external fields
J. Stat. Phys. 93 17-32, cond-mat/9806312 (size: 62 KB)

Redner O 1999 Effiziente Simulation periodischer und nicht-periodischer Ising-Modelle am kritischen Punkt
Diplomarbeit, Universität Tübingen (size: 456 KB)

Redner O and Baake M 2000 Invaded cluster algorithm for critical properties of periodic and aperiodic planar Ising models
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 33 3097-109, cond-mat/9910136 (size: 108 KB)

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