Seminar Representation Theory, SS 2023

Time and place: Wednesdays 10–12 in room X-E0-213

Organisers: Prof. Dr. William Crawley-Boevey, Prof. Dr. Henning Krause

The seminar covers various topics within the field of representation theory.

Schedule of Talks

  • Wednesday, 12 April
    Various speakers: Gong talks.
  • Wednesday, 19 April
    Vincent Klinksiek: Balanced modules.
  • Wednesday, 26 April
    Andrew Hubery: Connections on sheaves on weighted projective lines.
  • Wednesday, 03 May
    Bill Crawley-Boevey: Integral quiver representations.
  • Wednesday, 10 May
    Jan-Paul Lerch: 3-parameter persistence modules.
  • Wednesday, 17 May
    Rudradip Biswas Finite tensor categories I.
  • Wednesday, 24 May
    Rudradip Biswas Finite tensor categories II.
  • Wednesday, 31 May
    Janina Letz: Toda brackets I.
  • Wednesday, 07 June
    Benedikt Fluhr: Toda brackets II.
  • Wednesday, 14 June
    No talk, Workshop on finitistic dimensions.
  • Wednesday, 21 June
    Julia Sauter: Singularity categories.
  • Wednesday, 28 June
    Marc Stephan: An equivariant BGG correspondence and applications to finite transformation groups.
  • Wednesday, 05 July
    Alexander Samokhin: Finite generators of cohomology.