Maurice Auslander Memorial Workshop

Maurice Auslander (Photo: Gordana Todorov)

Maurice Auslander made fundamental contributions to various parts of algebra:

  • Homological commutative algebra with a view towards algebraic geometry
  • Functorial methods in representation theory of Artin algebras
  • Almost split sequences and Auslander-Reiten theory

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death we want to celebrate Auslander's outstanding mathematical work. We encourage algebraists from diverse backgrounds to take part in this workshop, in particular young researchers.

  • Date: 13th of November – 15th of November 2014
  • Location: Bielefeld University, Lecture halls H12 and H15
  • Organizers: Julian Külshammer, Philipp Lampe, Steffen Oppermann, Julia Sauter

Invited speakers are:

The workshop is supported by DFG CRC 701 "Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics" and DFG SPP 1388 "Representation Theory". The workshop poster is available here.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register using the webform.


The programme intends to reflect different aspects of Maurice Auslander's work. There will be two types of talks, background talks on Auslander's work and lectures on advanced topics.

The lectures are held in the main university building, more precisely in lecture hall H15 on Thursday and Friday and in lecture hall H12 on Saturday. The conference dinner is held on Friday at 19.00 at Numa Restaurant.

Workshop participants

Picture of the pariticipants of the Maurice Auslander Memorial Workshop

This picture is avalable in medium resolution (1.2 MB), in high resolution (2.4 MB) and in full resolution (4.3 MB).


Please contact Julia Sauter if you have any questions concerning the workshop.