BIREP – Representations of finite dimensional algebras at Bielefeld
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Workshop "Computational Applications of Quiver Representations: TDA and QPA" – Programme

All talks will be given in room V2-210/216, coffee breaks take place in room V3-201.

Thursday 02 May

9:3010:30Coffee and registration
10:3011:30Magnus Bakke Botnan (Amsterdam)
The Computational Complexity of Comparing Quiver Representations
11:4012:40Steffen Oppermann (Trondheim)
Cotorsion torsion triples and the representation theory of filtered hierarchical clustering
Lunch break
14:0015:00Yasuaki Hiraoka (Kyoto)
Persistent homology and its applications in materials science
Coffee break
15:3016:30Michio Yoshiwaki (Kyoto)
An algebraic stability theorem for the derived category of persistence modules
17:1518:15Colloquium of the Faculty of Mathematics
Ulrich Bauer (München)
Persistent homology: from theory to computation
19:00Dinner at restaurant Brauhaus (web site and map in German)

Friday 03 May

9:0010:00Steve Oudot (Palaiseau)
Two decomposition results for bipersistence modules
Coffee break
10:3011:30Øyvind Solberg (Trondheim)
Examples of using QPA in research
11:4012:40Hideto Asashiba (Shizuoka)
Computations of persistence diagrams by almost split sequences
Lunch break
14:0015:00Rene Marczinzik (Stuttgart)
Representation theory of algebras - discovering new results with the help of QPA
Coffee break
15:3016:30Emerson G. Escolar (Kyoto)
Every 1D Persistence Module is a Restriction of Some Indecomposable 2D Persistence Module
16:4017:40Mickaël Buchet (Graz)
On Interval Decomposability of 2D Persistence Modules
19:00Social dinner at Sparrenburg Restaurant (Am Sparrenberg 38 a, 33602 Bielefeld)
Located next to Sparrenburg castle. You will find an interactive map here.

Saturday 04 May

9:0010:00Michael Lesnick (Albany)
Computing Minimal Presentations and Bigraded Betti Numbers of 2-Parameter Persistent Homology
Coffee break
10:3011:30Killian Meehan (Kyoto)
Zigzag Metrics from Quiver Theory
11:4012:40Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea)
Multiparameter persistence vs parametrized persistence