PD Dr. Barbara Baumeister

Research Interests

My interest is in finite and infinite groups and its actions.
Groups and geometries
For instance structure of finite groups; Kac-Moody Groups; Aut(Fn); reflection groups, Coxeter groups and generalisations (such as extended or elliptic Weyl groups).
Presentation of groups and the underlying combinatorics
For instance Artin groups; in particular the dual approach to Coxeter and Artin groups as well as to elliptic Weyl groups; Hurwitz action; non-crossing partition posets and lattices.
Dual Coxeter Systems
This is the latest research topic
Permutation groups acting on finite or infinite sets
For instance regular subgroups of primitve permutation groups.
Group theory and applications
For instance permutation polytopes; Cryptography
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