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Department of Mathematics
Bielefeld University
P.O.Box 100131 D-33501 Bielefeld Germany

How to reach the University

The University is located at Universitätsstraße 25, 33615 Bielefeld. The next tram stop is "Uni/Zentrum". The easiest way to reach the University from the city center is to use the tram. In Bielefeld you should always be fine with a ticket of "Preisstufe I BI".
The "Linie 4" directly stops at the university and here are the timetables for this line:

For more information on the public transport in Bielefeld see MoBiel.
A general plan of the university and its neighborhood.

How to find the conference room A3-126

The University is one big building, there is one main hall located in the middle connecting all parts of the building. The parts of the building are labelled by letters. The main hall is on level 0 and it houses shops (books, stationaries, grocery), a post office, a copy shop, and several restaurants and coffee shops. All rooms in the University are labelled like A3-126. This means the room is in part A, on the 3rd floor and has the room number 126.

Due to preparations of a fair in the main hall we cannot place many signs leading to the conference room!
Finding A3-126


Here is some information on hotels in Bielefeld. The following three hotels are in the city center and close to tram stations where the "Stadtbahn Linie 4" stops.

Mövenpick Hotel Bielefeld

Am Bahnhof 3
33602 Bielefeld
Phone +49 521 52820
Fax +49 521 5282100


Mercure Hotel Bielefeld Niederwall

Niederwall 31-35
33602 Bielefeld
Phone +49 521 52530
Fax +49 521 5253444


Comfort Garni Hotel 'Stadt Bremen'

Bahnhofstr. 32
33602 Bielefeld
Phone +49 521 52198 0
Fax +49 521 52198 113


Some more hotels can be found on Bielefeld's accommodation web site.

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