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Analysis  II  WS 2006-7  (241301)

16.10-22.12.2006 &  8.01-9.02.2007

Lecture Notes

Recommended textbooks

  1. Ch. Blatter Analysis. Bd. I,II,III. Springer-Verlag
  2. Th. Bröcker Analysis. Bd. I,II,III. Spectrum Akademischer Verlag
  3. K. Endl & W. Luh  Analysis. Bd. I,II. Eine integrierte Darstellung. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main.
  4. O. Forster Analysis. Bd. I,II,III. Verlag Vieweg.
  5. K. Hoffman Analysis in Euclidean space.
  6. S. Lang Analysis. Vol. 1,2. Addison-Wesley (also other textbooks of this author with similar titles can be used).
  7. M. Spivak Calculus on manifolds.
  8. V.A. Zorich Matematicheskii Analis (in Russian), tom 1,2.