BIREP — Darstellungstheorie endlichdimensionaler Algebren
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The source code is available here.

Special Biserial Algebra



Cartan Matrix

Avella-Alaminos–Geiß Invariant

Nakayama Permutation

String Components of the AR Quiver

Click on a string to get more information.

Biserial Projective-Injectives

Elementary Strings

Elementary Cyclic Strings

Elementary Bands

Forbidden Cycles

Alternating Cycles

String Quiver

Reduced Syzygy Quiver

Bridge Quiver

To mutate, click on a summand.

τ-Rigid Part

Support Part


sτ-Tilting Quiver

Positive AR Translate

Negative AR Translate

Direct AR Predecessors

Direct AR Successors

Positive Syzygy

Negative Syzygy

The quiver may have many vertices.

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