BIREP — Representations of finite dimensional algebras in Bielefeld
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The Algebra Seminar (Seminar on Representation Theory) (eKVV: 241442)

Seminar in english, summer term 2019 (2 SWS)
Organizer: Dr. Julia Sauter
Termin: Termine im SoSe 19:
Description: The Algebra Seminar
This is a working seminar of the Birep group which is open to everybody interested. The aim of the seminar is to visit a variety of different algebras and explain their history, interesting features and results. This means that the individual topics are independent and can vary substantially in the level of required prerequisites. We are not attempting to structure these different algebras (there might even be overlapp between them, some might be infinite-dimensional) but to give a taste of the versatility and to widen our horizon. Here are some suggestions (made by members of the Birep group) but any other suggestion is very welcome (for example have a look at Jan Schroer's FD atlas).