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Our Mathematical Heritage Versus its Organisatorial and Copyright Nightmare
Talk given at the CEIC Workshop "Across the Digital Divide", June 16, 2005, 10:00-10:30, hosted by the
2nd Joint Meeting of AMS, DMV, ÖMG at Mainz.

What are the obstructions in order to achieve the DML Goals?

Clearly lack of money, but besides that:

Main obstructions to a "usable", "homogeneous", and "distributable" DML:

Repositories are

Digitized material is

==> Conclusion:
==> Even though we only have digitized just a small fraction of our literature,
==> this small fraction is not easy to find nor to access nor to use.

To view the DjVu files, you will need a DjVu viewer. It is freely available from DjVuLibre (free software).

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