Chain lemma for splitting fields of symbols

by Markus Rost (Preliminary text for a paper in preparation, August 1998, 18 pages)

This text contains the construction of various parameter spaces for chains together with the computation of the degrees of the highest power of c1 of certain line bundles.

It contains all details concerning multiplicativity, but no introduction and is perhaps hard to digest.

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The construction of splitting varieties via parameter spaces of chains turned out to be useful for further questions related to the Bloch-Kato conjecture, see

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Here are some older variants:

Chain lemma for splitting fields of symbols

by Markus Rost (Introduction to a paper in preparation, September 1997, 12 pages)

This is just the introduction of the first version of a preprint with details on the chain lemma. It is in parts meanwhile obsolete. We still offer it here, since the other texts do not contain any introduction at all.

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Construction of splitting varieties

by Markus Rost (Preprint, April 1998, 30 pages)

This text contains some explanations of our approach and details on the construction of various splitting varieties for symbols. A good part of it had been simplified later, but it is still the only place where we discuss the norm principle in detail.

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