International Conferences on Representations of Algebras

The series of ICRA conferences was established by V.Dlab in 1974. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange the latest result in a rapidly developing area. From the outset it has been a major focus to bring together leading and well established experts with young researchers who are just starting out and profit greatly from the possibilities of exchange and contact provided and from workshops where recent advances are presented in detailed exposition. There usually is organized a workshop as well as the conference itself.
At ICRA XI the scientific committee decided to establish an


See the following Announcement (pdf)

List of the Conferences

Nr Year Place City/Country
ICRA 1 1974 Carleton University Ottawa/Canada
ICRA 2 1979 Carleton University Ottawa/Canada
ICRA 3 1980 University of Puebla Puebla/Mexico
ICRA 4 1984 Carleton University Ottawa/Canada
ICRA 5 1990 University of Tsukuba Tsukuba/Japan
ICRA 6 1992 Carleton University Ottawa/Canada
ICRA 7 1994 Cocoyok
Workshop at U.N.A.M.
ICRA 8 1996 Geiranger
Workshop at Trondheim
ICRA 9 2000 Beijing Normal University Beijing/China
ICRA 10 2002 Fields Institute Toronto/Canada
ICRA 11 2004 Patzcuaro
Workshop at Queretaro
ICRA 12 2007 Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun/Poland
ICRA 13 2008 Universidade de Sao Paolo Sao Paulo/Brazil
ICRA 14 2010 National Olimpics Memorial Youth Center Tokyo/Japan
ICRA 15 2012 University of Bielefeld Bielefeld/Germany
ICRA 16 2014 Tsinghua University, Beijing/China
ICRA 17 2016

Similar meetings:
Nr Year Place City/Country
ICRA 4.3 1985 University of Durham Durham/England
ICRA 4.7 1988 Banach Center Warszawa/Poland
ICR(T)A 8.5 1998 University of Bielefeld Bielefeld/Germany

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