Virtual Twister® Spinner

Someone pointed out to me that the rules for two player Twister® have very little to do with the rules of Twister® as the rest of the world perceives them. For one, thing, they don't involve the spinner at all. You and your opponent are supposed to alternate calling the body part and color. While this does seem the way to apply a little strategy to Twister®, it seems very un-Twister®-like to me, so I've written a generator that will automatically spin the spinner for you and tell you where to move:

If you liked this so much that you want a copy, I have a compilable C version which just generates spins until a number specified by you (seconds between spins can also be specified.) This source compiles happily for Linux; it might require one or two little changes before working in a Win/DOS environment. Or you can see the code for the CGI version in use on this page (also in C.) Instructions for setting up the C version and setting up the CGI version are also available.

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Disclaimer: As you've probably guessed, the makers of Twister® have no idea that I've done this. So you really can't go bothering them about it and have anything happen. If something won't work here, let me know.