The Seminar of Young Mathematicians in Bielefeld (open lectures)

Upcoming event:
10/07/2019 from 16:00 to 18:00 in V2-205.

When, where, who, and what:

10/07/2019 in V2-205 @ Universität Bielefeld

12/06/2019 in D2-152 @ Universität Bielefeld

16:15 Alexandros Galanakis
Title: About the 12th Hilbert's problem
Abstract: One of the main goals of algebraic number theory is the study of number fields. Therefore, it makes sense to study Galois groups of number field extensions. A natural question that arises is when these Galois groups are abelian, given a base field. This is the 12th Hilbert's problem. We will see the cases where the base field is the field of rational numbers, or an imaginary quadratic field.
17:15 Luigi Esercito
Title: Ancestral lines in population genetics
Abstract: Population genetics is the branch of evolutionary biology focusing on the evolution of populations (rather than speciation). The aim of this talk is to give a glimpse into the field and introduce simple models - underlining in particular the usefulness of a "backward" view of things, using so-called ancestral processes and their duality relationships.
15/05/2019 in D2-152 @ Universität Bielefeld : Special event - SYMBol's First Anniversary!! (Poster)

One year exaclty after SYMBol's first meeting, we are very pleased to celebrate with talks by Prof. Martina Hofmanova and Dr. Dirk Frettloeh. Everyone is invited to attend! As a special birthday celebration, we will have a Pub Quiz in the common room (V3-201) after the talks.

10/04/2019 in U2-135 @ Universität Bielefeld

13/02/2019 in T2-204 @ Universität Bielefeld

23/01/2019 in H13 @ Universität Bielefeld

11/12/2018 in C01-230 @ Universität Bielefeld

14/11/2018 in D2-136 @ Universität Bielefeld

17/10/2018 in U2-200 @ Universität Bielefeld

18/09/2018 in T2-227 @ Universität Bielefeld

17/07/2018 in X-E0-218 @ Universität Bielefeld

12/06/2018 in X-E0-218 @ Universität Bielefeld

15/05/2018 in V2-213 @ Universität Bielefeld

Purpose of the Seminar:

The SYMBol seminar series aims to provide a welcoming setting for PhD students and other early career mathematicians to share ideas and concepts that they find interesting and not necessarily related to their own research. There is an emphasis on being open and understandable, in order to reach an audience with a varied background: the seminar offers the opportunity for young mathematicians to take this challenge.

SYMBol provides an event which brings together members of the faculty that might otherwise not often interact.

Speakers are invited to choose broad topics - pet subjects are welcome! Our aim is for the audience to learn something, which can be rather simple but also interesting, and for links to form between research groups rather than for the speakers to present their newest theorem (that's what our individual research groups' internal seminars are for).

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar! Audience members are encouraged to engage actively with the speakers: ask questions, make remarks, propose new directions for the speaker to consider... that is what this seminar is for: teach each other, enrich our networks, and grow together!


For questions, remarks, wishes, you can contact the organizers at symbol (at) math (dot) uni-bielefeld (dot) de

The Organizers: