Philippe Gille and Arturo Pianzola: Galois cohomology and forms of algebras over Laurent polynomial algebras,

Submission: 2006, Dec 18

Our goal is to investigate some R-Lie algebras where R is a Laurent polynomial ring in n variables defined over the field of the complex numbers. The main tool is descent theory which permits to classify these objects by non-abelian Galois cohomology. The paper focuses on loop algebras and their Witt-Tits invariants. Since it is related with Serre's conjecture II on Galois cohomology, the n=2 case is especially interesting.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14L15, 17B67

Keywords and Phrases: Galois cohomology, infinite dimensional Lie algebras, Tits indexes.

Full text: dvi.gz 101 k, dvi 241 k, ps.gz 911 k, pdf.gz 415 k, pdf 455 k.

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