Nobuaki Yagita : Witt groups of algebraic groups.

Submission: 2011, Apr 21

Let $G_k$ be a split reductive group over a field $k$ of $ch(k)=0$ corresponding to a simply connected Lie group $G$. Let $T$ be a maximal torus of $G$. When $k$ is an algebraically closed, the Balmer's Witt group $W^*(G_k)$ is isomorphic to $KO^{2*-1}(G/T)$ but not to $KO^{2*-1}(G)$.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 19G12, 55N15

Keywords and Phrases: algebraic groups, Witt groups, K-theory

Full text: dvi.gz 46 k, dvi 131 k, ps.gz 937 k, pdf.gz 228 k, pdf 254 k.

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