BIREP Summer School on Cohen–Macaulay Modules in Representation Theory

12 August – 16 August 2019

Cohen–Macaulay Modules in Representation Theory

Location: Hotel Waldcafé Jäger, Bad Driburg

Organisers: Sebastian Eckert, Jan Geuenich, Ulrike Hansper, Yuta Kimura, Julia Sauter

Invited speaker: Prof. Graham J. Leuschke

Funding: The summer school is supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in the framework of an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship endowed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Participants: The summer school is primarily intended for PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers.


The study of Cohen-Macaulay modules connects representation theory with many other areas such as commutative algebra, singularity theory and physics. CM-finiteness is one of the fundamental problems. Classically, this has been studied for lattices over orders and hypersurface singularities. A powerful tool to visualize, analyze and understand the category of Cohen-Macaulay modules for (non-commutative) isolated singularities, in particular in all CM-finite cases, is provided by Auslander-Reiten theory. The stable category of Cohen-Macaulay modules over a Gorenstein ring is our prototype of a triangulated category. In results of Buchweitz and Orlov it is linked to algebraic geometry and in results of Iyama and others to cluster theory.


Most participants gave a talk on a specific topic. In addition there was a series of three talks given by our invited speaker Graham Leuschke. Notes of the talks are available here:


picture of the participants


The summer school takes place at the Hotel Waldcafé Jäger, Waldstraße 1, 33014 Bad Driburg. The hotel is in walking distance from the train station of Bad Driburg.

The seminar room in the hotel is equipped with a reasonably sized whiteboard, a video projector and an overhead projector.

Participants will be accommodated in double rooms.

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Please contact the organisers for any questions concerning the summer school.