BIREP – Representations of finite dimensional algebras at Bielefeld
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Workshop "Representation Theory in Bielefeld - Past and Future" – Programme

Registration and coffee breaks take place in room V0-191 (formerly the "Luce" book shop) inside the Main University Building (UHG), a study room off the main hall at the entrance of the V part of the building (between restaurant Univarza and lecture hall H7). All workshop talks will be given in lecture hall H2 (off the main hall) or in room V2-205 (on the second floor of the V part of the building) inside the Main University Building, as indicated in the table.

Please see the Maps and Travel Information pages for information on finding the buildings and rooms.

Abstracts for the talks can be found on a separate page.

(in H2)
(in H2)
(in V2-205)
Schröer Schmidmeier 9:30 10:20
10:00 11:00 Coffee and Registration
(in V0-191, formerly "Luce")
Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 11:50 Lehrer Schroll Laking 11:00 11:50
12:00 12:25 Brüstle Lin Burban 12:00 12:25
Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:00 14:50 Dell'Ambrogio Zhang Faculty
(in H7)
15:00 15:50 Koenig Skowroński
Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:30 17:20 Külshammer Erdmann
19:00 19:00 20:00

The workshop dinner will take place at Sparrenburg Restaurant at Sparrenburg Castle. The play "Mathematische Spaziergänge mit Emmy Noether" (in German) will be performed in the "Plenarsaal" of the Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, not far from the Main University Building.