Workshop on Matrix Factorizations – Reading Course

Reading Course: Matrix Factorizations

In preparation for the Workshop on Matrix Factorizations the BIREP group will hold a seminar on the topic. It is a continuation of the seminar held at the beginning of the semester (which focused on Yoshino's book).

The seminar takes place every Wednesday at 16:15, and some Fridays. It meets in V5-227.

Possible topics of the seminar are here. See also the references page of the workshop.

The schedule so far is :

Feb 02 Jesse Burke The stable derived category and Buchweitz's theorem
Feb 09 Jan Stovicek Exceptional sequences, mutations, and semiorthogonal decompositions
Feb 16 Estanislao Herscovich "Matrix factorizations and representations of quivers II" - Kajuira et al
Henning KrauseUeda's proof of the main theorem of Kajuira et al, using weighted projective lines
Feb 23
Feb 25
No meeting due to Oberwolfach Workshop
Mar 02
Mar 04
No meeting due to Schwerpunktstagung in Münster
Mar 11 Phillipp Lampe Orlov's theorem relating graded maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over a Gorenstein ring to a certain singularity category
Mar 25 Helmut Lenzing Examples illustrating Orlov's theorem
Apr 01 No meeting due to HIM Workshop in Bonn
Apr 08 Dieter Vossieck Töen's homotopy theory of dg-categories
Reiner Hermann Hochschild cohomology of matrix factorizations
Apr 20 Ivo Dell'Ambrogio Further remarks on Töen's homotopy theory of dg-categories
Apr 27 Jesse Burke Hirzebruch-Riemann-Roch theorem for matrix factorizations after Polischuk-Vaintrob
May 4 Estanislao Herscovich Koszul duality and matrix factorizations

For further information please contact Jesse Burke.