Forschungsschwerpunkt Mathematische Modellierung (FSPM2)

Seminars (Colloquium)


Mittwoch, 30.05.2018, 16ct, U10-146: Carsten Wiuf (Copenhagen)
Stochastic modelling and analysis of DNA sequence data from Follicular Lymphoma

An cancer evolution model is proposed at the level of the individual cells, similar to other models that are used in population genetics to model the evolution of populations. The focus is on a particular form of cancer, called Follicular Lymphoma. A population of tumor cells initiates from a single cell harboring a t(14,18)-translocation which is considered a precursor step to Follicular Lymphoma. From there on the tumor evolves by accumulation of other driver and passenger mutations. A mathematical model is derived akin to coalescent models and various properties of the model are discussed in relation to statistical inference from DNA sequence data. DNA sequence data from primary and relapse tumors from (approx) 15 individuals are subsequently analyzed using the model, and parameters and the time of origin of the tumors are estimated.

Freitag, 15.06.2018, 16ct, U10-146: Mike Steel (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The combinatorics of ‘capturing’ a phylogenetic tree from discrete characters or distances

We consider two versions of the following question: What is the smallest amount of ‘data’ required to uniquely determine a phylogenetic (evolutionary) tree?In the first version, the ‘data’ consists of discrete characteristics observed at the leaves of a tree, and these characteristics are assumed to have evolved from an unknown ancestral state without homoplasy. For the second version, the data consists of leaf-to-leaf distances between certain pairs of leaves in the tree. Both questions give rise to interesting combinatorial subtleties, and lead to two recent mathematical results.

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