Preprint des Projektes: SFB 701: Spektrale Strukturen und Topologische Methoden in der Mathematik - Projekt A9

Dynamics and asymptotic behaviour of stochastic evolution systems

15-101 Wolf-Jürgen Beyn, Elena Isaak, Raphael Kruse.
Stochastic C-Stability and B-Consistency of Explicit and Implicit Milstein-type Schemes

This paper focuses on two variants of the Milstein scheme, namely the split-step backward Milstein method and a newly proposed projected Milstein scheme, applied to stochastic differential equations which satisfy a global monotonicity condition. In particular, our assumptions in clude equations with super-linearly growing drift and diffusion coefficient functions and we show that both schemes are mean-square convergent of order 1. Our analysis of the error of convergence with respect to the mean-square norm relies on the notion of stochastic C-stability and B-consistency, which was set up and applied to Euler-type schemes in [Beyn, Isaak, Kruse, J. Sci. Comp., 2015]. As a direct consequence we also obtain strong order 1 convergence results for the split-step backward Euler method and the projected Euler-Maruyama scheme in the case of stochastic differential equations with additive noise. Our theoretical results are illustrated in a series of numerical experiments.