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Showcase of SageMathCell

Not only can we use Sage on the cloud or locally in command line/notebook, it is also possible to bind boxes of sage-input into your website, using SageMathCell.

For tutorials and more details, please see

The general idea is simple: bind in the appropriate scipt-elements in your html and you can call a sage-server from your website. In particular, the code-snippet consist of 2 lines:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

As a first example, let us add integers:

How is this realized? Simply by adding the sage-code inside the the appropriate script-class:

<script type="text/x-sage"> Some code ... </script>

Many more complex examples can be found in the interact-wiki. One of them is the following interactive Venn diagram:

One particular property of this setup I dislike is that the user can change the underlying code and possibly crash the server. To solve this, we can add a subclass to the sage-script-class and have provide the user with 2 possible boxes: fixed and editable.


As before, once the appriate classes are properly configured in the html-header, all on has to do is use on the the two classe for the SageCell:

<div class="compute"><script type="text/x-sage"> Your code </script></div>
<div class="readonly compute"><script type="text/x-sage"> More of your code </script></div>

Please feel free to contact me for comments and/or questions.