BIREP – Representations of finite dimensional algebras at Bielefeld
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Florian Gellert

Research Student of Prof. Dr. Henning Krause

Office: V5-228
Phone: +49-(0)521-106-67037

E-mail: florian.gellert[at]

Postal Address:
Faculty of Mathematics
Bielefeld University
PO Box 100 131
D-33501 Bielefeld

Research Interests

My general academic interest lies in representation theory, combinatorics and (quantum) cluster algebras.

More specifically, I am currently working on maximal green sequences in cluster theory, their existence and connections to ring-theoretic properties of cluster algebras. As a short introduction to cluster algebras I can recommend Zelevinsky's What is... article. For a broader picture, there are several surveys available by now, for example Geiss, Leclerc and Schröer's or Keller's

My first paper joint with Philipp Lampe can be found here. It deals with the question "when do cluster algebras admit a quantisation?" and gives a straighforward answer. More details can be found on the complementary website to the article.