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About myself

Profile pictures At the moment I am a PhD student of Prof. Dr. Henning Krause at Bielefeld University. The following few lines are a short introduction of myself. Please contact me in person if you would like to know more or for a current CV.

River view in Bonn In my BSc studies at the University of Bonn I quickly specialised in algebra and was supervised by Prof. Dr. Catharina Stroppel in my thesis. It discussed the connection between R-matrices arising in quantised Young-Baxter equations, linking them with knot theory and the Jones polynomial in particular.

Cardiff Bay After my time in Bonn I moved to Cardiff for part-time work and part-time MSc studies in mathematical sciences at the University of Bath. As part of my job I came in contact with various data mining and statistical modelling techniques, whilst taking lectures of a wider mathematical variety. During that time I also deepened my knowledge in scientific and commercial programming languages such as R, Fortran, C and C++, PL/SQL, Hive and Python. Please see the list of further links for recommended websites to some of these languages.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath At the end of MSc course I once again concentrated on algebraic topics, both attending and also giving a talk on the Laurent phenomenon in the Postgraduate Geometry & Algebra Seminar. This led to my final project on Quantised Enveloping Algebras and Quantum Cluster Algebras, supervised by Prof. Dr. Alastair D. King.

Sparrrenburg Bielefeld Subsequently I moved back to Germany to pursue my PhD studies in representation theory and (quantum) cluster algebras. My first paper joint with Philipp Lampe can be found here, and I also created a complementary website. It showcases some of the SAGE code I created during this first project and highlights that even topics in abstract algebra can be approached with computational methods.

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