Haitao Zou's Homepage


Main Building, M4-127

Bielefeld University

Universitätsstr. 25

33615, Bielefeld, Germany

I’m now a Post-Doc in Bielefeld University, Germany, sponsored by SFB-TRR 358 “Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory”. Before that, I was a PhD student in SCMS, Fudan University, supervised by Zhiyuan Li.

My research interests include

  • Algebraic Geometry (especially on K3 surface and its higher-dimensional analogue);
  • \(p\)-adic Geometry (\(p\)-adic cohomology theories, etc)

For detials, you can see the pdf-version CV pdf.

selected publications

  1. FMabelian
    A note on Fourier-Mukai partners of abelian varieties over positive charateristic fields
    Li, Zhiyuan, and Zou, Haitao
    To appear in Kyoto Jounral of Mathematics 2021
  2. OG6
    Supersingular O’Grady varieties of dimension six
    Fu, Lie, Li, Zhiyuan, and Zou, Haitao
    International Mathematics Research Notices 2021
  3. derivedisog
    Derived isogenies and isogenies for abelian surfaces
    Li, Zhiyuan, and Zou, Haitao
  4. shafarevich
    Unpolarized Shafarevich conjectures for hyper-K\"ahler varieties
    Fu, Lie, Li, Zhiyuan, Takamatsu, Teppei, and Zou, Haitao